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About Us

Our Vision

After a busy day at their respective medical and surgical practices, 3 longtime friends had the vision of a place where they could relax with family and friends, in an elegant yet casual atmosphere. 

Our Place

Prime 3 is our sanctuary. As you come in, you will be greeted by our host who will see  you to your table. You will notice the classic approach to our establishment, yet modern  touches will be seen in the decor and tables. Soft lighting and music will provide a respite  from your daily routine and bustle, and our modern bar will uplift your spirits, perhaps  acquaint you with new friends and experiences.

Pork Chop-On End-Good presentation-Prime 3.jpg

Our Cuisine

American, Asian, and Latin influences converge at Prime 3. We intend to elevate your senses by combining the flavors, aromas, and colors of 3 different cultures. Prime meats,  seasonal seafood, and vegetables will be presented to you and your guests, our unique cultural backgrounds providing the backbone of an exotic culinary experience. 

Our Wines

At Prime 3 we do not drink wine. We experience wine. We have curated a selection of wines from around the world. We want to transport you to new places by pairing world-class cuisine with matching wines to stimulate your senses. Our list includes easy drinking to rare, collectible, complex wines for the demanding connoisseur. For those in search of something different, our bar has a world-class selection of spirits and drinks for the knowledgeable consumer. 

Wine Bottle Selection
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